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Blister Packing – Promoting Medicines Managment

Jane Fleming, Supervising Pharmacist

“For me, blister packs are a very important service for a community pharmacy to provide. They offer a safer & more convenient way for patients to manage their medicines. I spoke to Orla Sylvester , our head pharmacy technician , who looks after the blister packs for our patients and care homes. Here she explains further about how they work & why they are so important for those in our local community”

Orla Sylvester

“Here at Murphys we offer a medication packing service for those who take multiple medicines on a long term basis . In these blister packs, medication is divided into times and days of the week . It is accompanied by a Medicines Management Page . This makes taking your medication safer , is simple to use and you will wonder how you ever managed without it “


Medication is packed by the time of day and day of the week. This ensures that you take the correct medication and dosage , at the right time and never forget . It has large transparent pods which are easy to open and allow you to see the tablets clearly. To remove the tablets, simply pop the top of the pod and tip the tablets out on to your hand .

The Nu-Life Medicines Management Page for each patient  is attached to the daily tablet pack . It assists the Pharmacists in checking the final pack vs the prescription. and assists any new carer or medical staff.

The Management Page shows the name of all medications , a coloured picture of each one , time to be taken and medical indications.Further to that it also contains the patients details and pharmacy dispensed by.

This service is particularly beneficial to those who:

Take multiple medications

Take Long Term Medication

Find it hard to remember to take their tablets

Patients with restricted use of their hands use of their hands example- someone with arthritis

Patients who may have to take different medications on different days.

Worry about taking medication while on holiday or in hospital

Worry someone might take the wrong medication at the wrong time .

If you think this may be of any benefit to you , or a loved one , please give us a call (021) 463 6060 to discuss further.